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Dominica land crab fights giant dobermann and beach shepperd dog very funny night fight.AVI

gyuri te dobermann found a land crab and as a nightly routine they fight, nobody gets hurt bad, the crab wins and gets away at the end. now i know how they get on the property as we have fence…

funny rap I wrote, and called a freestyle! haha

Just bored, this is my escape from the monotony. Let me know what you think. I was tryna focus on comedy. lyrics: So I’m on spring break oh eight and I’m broke. Kickin it like a soccer player cause I can’t toke, Leave me nasty comments I’d love to hear your joke, Chillin for a minute, think I’ll spit a flow. I’m about to choke here in Daytona Beach, The air is filthy water that you can’t even drink. Here they suck you dry like blood suckin leach. Spend my time drunk runnin from the police. Then I go to class only watchin time pass. Lookin out the window mind wanders through that glass Reality: a fat girl just passed gas, No chance at fornication so I get smashed. Got whip lash in a car crash. Driver was drunk smoking too much hash. Either way I’m in a coffin instead of gettin crunk Which puts a heavy funk on my big career plans. I never planned on my body merging with a van. Like a gymnast handstand gone wrong My head split open like a butt from a thong. Now I’m really hungry I could use some ching chong Knew me better, I’d cook some stir fry in a wok for ya. Not some crack rock from some sketchy kid on the block I am just here to say: that I fuck up captain america all day To wonder woman’s dismay. I’ll slap that bitch around and bend her over my way. Then we’ll do it, and call it a full day. Cause that’s how I like to play. Then you’re gonna see me spray with my water gun. Cause I don’t have a real one. So beware of that shit. You might be squirted in the face. Little
Video Rating: 3 / 5