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Vegan Cafe & Juice Bar to Open on North Beach Street in Daytona Beach, FL in October 2013

http://midtownecovillage.org – Omar and Camille-Holder Brown are vegans. They are planing to open the Kale Cafe and Juice Bar. They realized several years ago each of them had family members…
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Kosta’s Family Restaurant and Diner in Asheville North Carolina 828 684 0279

So I stopped by Kosta’s Kitchen in South Asheville and it is a great little restaurant and diner. 828-684-0279. Breakfast and Lunch (Dinner begins on 9/15/09). They are located in Skyland Crest which is right near the Asiana Grill. Awesome food, great prices, a very fast kitchen, and the staff was wonderful. Thank you Nancy!! I got to talk to a few people that were dining there and they all had great things to say. One couple said they have been weekly regulars for many years, and another said they are there to eat every Sunday. I watched and timed the service and food… and they were all on point. With several other tables taken, a table of 5 got seated, ordered, served, and paid their bill within 25 minutes. The cooks were slamming away anytime an order came in and they were on their job. The waitstaff was prompt and courteous, smiles and convo to everyone. Thank you Kosta for a great dining experience in Asheville North Carolina!
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