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Girls Prank Their Dad With a Salty Surprise – Reality Comedy Video – Behind The Scenes – First Kiss

Two girls play a very funny prank on their father by giving him an unexpected large dose of salt in his drinking water. You should see his reactions as he unexpectedly drinks the very salty water. This idea was originally sent to us as a salty pizza prank from one of our subscribers but since our dad does not eat pizza but once a month it was a very long wait so thought this would be faster. See what we have been doing after a week of being home from Daytona Beach Florida. See our behind the scenes so you have an idea of what goes on around here in between going outdoors for fun adventures. See what Brianna has to say about the High Five for First Kiss video with Elliott and Bowie in more depth than the original video we posted. Keep on sending in your name ideas for the cute kitten. Royalty free music by Jason Shaw www.audionautix.com Be sure to keep sending in your prank ideas! You may be the next one featured in our video. If you would like to audition for acting or singing and be on TV you may find out more information on how by visiting our auditions website at http Be advised that members of law enforcement monitor this channel regularly so be on your best behavior and be safe! Hope you keep having a fun and safe Spring and looking forward to making more comedy videos during them Summer months since there is always something funny going on whenever we are out having fun. We will be working on our next parody music video and we are going to be doing some online