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Police: Suspect in Wayne Community College shooting had 'calculated plan'

Police: Suspect in Wayne Community College shooting had 'calculated plan'
Kenneth Morgan Stancil III was arrested at about 1:20 a.m. Tuesday in Daytona Beach after deputies from the Volusia County Beach Patrol found him sleeping on the beach, which is illegal. Stancil was carrying a knife at the time of his arrest, but he …
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Proper Nutrition with Dr Wayne Pickering Part 4 on TruthBrigade Radio

Proper Nutrition with Dr Wayne Pickering Part 4 truthbrigade.org Our Special Guest is Dr. Wayne Pickering “THE AMBASSADOR for HEALTH” from Daytona Beach, Florida and this week his topic will be NUTRITION In this 4th of our series you’ll discover: 1. How Nutrition can Free You of Stress and Disease. 2. How to enhance your immune system to reduce heart disease & cancer. 3. How to enjoy the healthiest FAST FOOD while you eliminate the mass confusion about what’s for Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner forever, savoring hassle-free eating as it should be! When you feel good, you do good! 4. Timeless SECRETS on how to Eat More … Weigh Less … Sleep Better … Be Energized and Feel Terrific in 27 days, GUARANTEED, with no notion of a lotion or a potion! 5. The best definition of nutrition in a nutshell? 6. The Real Truth about Micro Waving 7. How does Caffeine really work 8. Does Nutrition HEAL? 9. What exactly is GOOD Nutrition? 10. All about SUPPLEMENTS 11. What makes this information so much better than all the rest of what’s being sold on the market today? This amazing sound nutritional program can actually put you – very safely, quickly, and easily – into states of… 1. Deep stress release and relaxation 2. Super learning 3. Dramatically enhanced creativity 4. Laser-beam focus and concentration 5. Enhanced memory 6. Increased feelings of well-being PS. If you want to see what “The Mango Man” looks like at 63 years young, go here www.marketerschoice.com and see what he does to